About Sacred Monday

We create what we love with people we love. Born from a desire to create heart-centered art and help others do the same, Sacred Monday is the result of what happens when creativity meets chosen family. Our mission is to help fellow artists, poets and authors share their authentic creations with the world.

As a Reader

We’re excited to welcome you into the world of Sacred Monday.

We specialize in producing books, e-books, courses, online publications, audio books, and podcasts. We are very selective with the works we choose. We feel a great responsibility in publishing content that heals the hearts of individuals and the collective. This is the art that invites inspiration, slowing, reflection and a cool breath of fresh air.

You can buy books directly from us here, and find links to all our projects on this website.

As an Artist

If you’re a creator, you might be interested in creating with us.

The Sacred Monday way is such that all you’ll have to focus on is creating your art. We’ll help you figure out what feels like the most True way to share it, and then make it a reality. We value the gift of loving what you do and who you do it with, and we are building our collective with artists and projects around this idea. We honor how personal and vulnerable it is to share your art with the world. To that end, we support not just the project, but the whole human throughout the process of bringing your work to life.

Sacred Monday is but a house and a vehicle to share your powerful and inspirational pieces with the world.


Josh Gershon

Wizardry and Words


Saalik Lokhandwala

Alchemy and Operations


Mail us through the interwebs: sacredmonday@gmail.com