Warrior Poets Collective - Volume I

by Warrior Poets Collective

PRE-ORDER: Delivery Summer 2021

This is the first collection of poetry brought together by the Warrior Poets Collective, written over the course of a year in quarantine.

What is the Warrior Poets Collective?

A collective of men practicing being alive. In words. In feelings. For us. For you. In service of a healthier male narrative.

We’ve lived in a world where vulnerability and one’s full expression of self are often looked down upon. This ridicule can rear its ugly head differently towards men and women, but as a group of men, we can certainly say that any showing of emotion can be portrayed as a showing of weakness. And we are here to change that.

What is a Warrior Poet?

One who embodies strength, but not just on the battlefield. Strength of Heart. Strength of Character. Strength in Generosity. Strength in Love. Strength in Expression. Strength in Openness. Strength in Weakness. Strength in Pain. Strength via Truth. One who shows their full HUMAN.

That is what we are trying to do here, through our poetry. What started during quarantine has become much more than temporary creative expression and connection. It’s become a genuine brotherhood in every sense of the word. We’ve opened our eyes, minds, hearts and lives to each other, and to ourselves, through this all-powerful vehicle that is writing. And now we’d like to share it with you, in hopes that you find strength in all of the parts of yourself.

And when you find it, and begin to love it, pass it along. The world needs your Truth. The world needs your Warrior Heart. ⚔️ ♥️

Meet the collective:

Nico: A heart like the ocean. Deep, strong, beautiful, vibrant, powerful, true. Guided by his faith, purpose and unwavering values. Writes of life’s adventures: the world around him and the world inside him.

Josh: Driven by his inner Lover and Warrior. So much burning within his heart, he’s afraid to unleash it fully. Through poetry, he practices. Writes about Love: for nature, his muse, the beautiful chaos that is this human experience, and the lifelong journey to Love himself.

Anthony, aka Dap: Spirit of a hustler and modern day entrepreneur. Stoic values and ideals of an ancient philosopher. An athlete, reader, media producer and writer. Writes of his quest to discover capital S-self. He also designed these funky cartoon versions of us you see above.

Saalik: Our Magician. Brings stories to life through fiction, poetry, music, business and writing code. His words will take you to the dunes of the desert and bazaars of the east, where spices and sands swirl.

Josuel: A man of Culture. Style. Vibes. Dominican-born, New York-raised. A social entrepreneur. His stories connect us at the heart. He shares through the eyes of those whose voices all too often go unheard. Courageous and heart-centered, his laugh will make your soul smile.

Lucas: A young flame-spitter. Straight rawness, straight heat. All emotion. Like a young Anankin Skywalker. So much fury, rage, passion, excitement. Unfiltered and unharnessed. A talented poet, and also an insanely gifted rapper. The world will know about this man.

Serg: A fierce talent. A living testament of someone who has risen above his circumstances. Humble and soft-spoken, he often plays the role of the observer. But when he speaks, he speaks Truth. When he speaks, you listen. When he writes, you FEEL. A scholar, Lover, savage and true master of the craft. A lifelong poet and teacher to us all.

Rama: A gracious and inspiring mentor figure to this group, Rama has been writing songs and poetry for longer than some of our young poets have been alive. Through business, travel and spiritual exploration, his stories expand far and wide. As does his poetry.